What qualifies as a Simple Sales Ideas guaranteed to Increase Your Life Insurance Revenue?

By Tammie Smith, President at BDLife212

If you attended our session at the National Educational Conference you will recall we shared 4 simple ideas to increase your life insurance revenue. Below are a few helpful hints you will want to implement which we guarantee will increase your insurance revenue as well as enhance your client relationships.

So what do we consider a simple sales idea?

An idea that is “consultative”. This type of sale primarily focuses on the potential client feeling and seeing the value and importance of their own needs and not your needs. Rather than focusing on the product, your business or the numbers we format the sales content around the solutions to meet your client’s needs.

An idea that has “broad appeal” in your book of clients. It takes time to develop new clients. You have to market and gain their attention. Before you decide to pursue new clients we recommend you look at the clients you already have. Your existing clients already  know you. They trust you to provide good sound advice.

An idea that is “compelling”. Designing strategies that cause the client to listen because the information is important, interesting and specific to their situation. It’s personal. This is what we do best. We present the problem and solution in such compelling way to cause the client to ask “Why wouldn’t I do that?”

An idea that is “simple and easy to understand”. You have a problem. We have a solution. Our presentation format is design to provide you the key information needed that helps you deliver the information with enthusiasm and confidence and your client to make an informed decision.

An idea that is “obvious and concrete”. Facts are facts. The math is the math. There either  is a problem or opportunity or there is not. Our reports we prepare for you and your clients are based upon the facts…not our opinion. It is what it is. We focus on designing our reports to make it obvious that you care and that the proposed solutions are the correct ones. Building trust in the presentation is important. Being vague leads to confusion, resilience and a failed idea. Good research, facts and credibility provides strong, firm ideas.

An idea’s that results in “exceptional revenue” per sale and “builds client loyalty”. Your time is valuable and client loyalty can be fragile. Which of your customers also buy from your competitors? We proud that the work we do results in exceptional revenue opportunity for you but as importantly, deepens your relationship with your client. Our average case idea results in $5,000+ of revenue for you. This means if you introduce and close one of the four simple sales ideas to 20 of your 200 clients, you should earn an additional $100,000 in revenue and have a better client relationship.

Tammie Smith, Vice President & Case Consultant –

BDLife212, The extra Degree

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