Simplified Underwriting. Only Better.

Get your clients up to $250,000 in death benefit protection without medical exams. Pacific Life’s Simplified Underwriting (SUW) offer(1) makes cash value life insurance coverage simpler than ever.

Which of my clients would qualify?

What are the offer details?

How do I get started?

Just follow these 4 simple steps:


Submit a simple form*
and signed illustration


Use the Interview Checklist* to help your clients prepare for the telephone interview


A BDLife212
representative will
conduct a short
telephone interview


We’ll review all case
information and
make the offer

Option to Get up to $3 Million Coverage with No Medical Exams

Your highly compensated clients can get up to $3 million in life insurance coverage
with no medical exams using our Executive Class Simplified Underwriting Program.**

** Eligibility for Executive Class Underwriting is based on health, age, income ($200,000+ annual income), occupational risk, and other factors. Additional
requirements may be requested, depending on answers to medical and nonmedical questions in the application. Policy must be a life insurance with accumulation
design (minimum non-modified endowment contract death benefit (level or increasing) with premiums illustrated at least the 7-Pay Premium or 90% of the
Guideline Level Premium.

All riders(2) are available EXCEPT the following:
• Accidental Death Rider (Form #R84-AD)
•Annual Renewable Term Rider-Additional Insured Rider (Form #R08RTA)
•Children’s Term Rider (Form #R84-CT)
•Disability Benefit Rider (Form #R84-DB)
•Guaranteed Insurability Rider (Form #R84-GI and #R93-GI)
•SVER Term Insurance Rider–Trust/Executive Benefit, SVER Term Insurance Rider–Corporate (Form #R09SVERT, ICC12 R12SVC or R12SVC)(3),(4)
•Waiver of Charges Rider (Form #R84-WC & R08WC)

1 Pacific Life reserves the right to order additional requirements as determined by the underwriters. Only one Simplified Underwriting program per insured.
2 Rider availability varies by product. Please refer to the respective product guide for more details. Riders will likely incur additional charges and are subject to state availability, restrictions and limitations. Clients should be shown policy illustrations with and without riders to help show the rider’s impact on the policy’s values.;
3 Form number based on state and product in which policy is issued.
4 In some states, this rider is called the Term Insurance Rider and Term Insurance Rider—Trust/Executive Benefit, or Term Insurance Rider—Corporate.;

Pacific Life is a product provider. It is not a fiduciary and therefore does not give advice or
make recommendations regarding insurance or investment products.

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